NTT docomo - "Pet Fit" - New service for your lovable dog

** Special Notice: NTT docomo has issued a warning that this product is ONLY for use with dogs. **

You are not the only one who can benefit from wearable technology.  Your fluffy best friend can benefit too.

NTT docomo today has announced that they are going to start providing a new service called Pet Fit for users' dogs sometime in March. You can remotely check how your dog is, maintain his daily health condition, and find out where he is when he's lost.

The service is Japan's first service for dogs using devices with 3G communication built-in.

NTT docomo has developed the Pet Fit Tag which is a device with fits on your dog's collar and has 3G/GPS/Bluetooth functions built-in.  It communicates by Bluetooth to the Pet Fit Station which also serves as the tag's battery charger.

The Pet Fit Tag detects what your dog is doing (sleeping, resting, walking or running) and the surrounding temperature so that you can check to see what he is doing and how he is feeling anytime through an application on your smart device.

Also, since the Pet Fit Tag and the Pet Fit Station are connected to each other via Bluetooth, when the connection is cut for 10 minutes, they can assume that your dog is lost and will send a warning to your registered email address. You can find out where he is by GPS function built-in to the Pet Fit Tag.

Pet Fit Tag
Size: 32x50x17.3mm
Weight: 29g
Waterproof: IPX4

Pet Fit Station
Size: 76x76x45mm
Weight: 92g