ANA Embraces Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change with Support of "Changemakers" (VIDEO) - ANA Social Media

ANA (All Nippon Airways), showing leadership in Social Media, has partnered with a US Social Entrepreneur Organization called Ashoka to create a kind of digital charity/donation concept called Blue Wing.

Blue Wing is a fully-backed program within ANA that will support five "Changemakers" it has chosen to be part of their program. These Changemakers are social entrepreneurs, with their own organizations, who are changing the world for the better.

Through social media engagement, ANA will provide a platform and forum for people to cooperate and communicate with ANA in collaboration to support these organizations.

The program is simple, yet brilliant. Anyone interested in getting involved can sign-up for Blue Wing on the website as a member. As members, they can vote once a week for the Changemaker they wish to support. For every vote received by a Changemaker, ANA will donate $0.50 toward the travel and accommodation fees incurred by that Changemaker outside of the ANA network. This is in addition to free travel given by the airline for any travel made by the Changemakers within the ANA network.

Want to do more? Book a flight through the site and ANA will donate 1% of the ticket cost to the Changemaker of your choice. This means that the more people who take part and sign up, the more ANA is donating to these causes.

This is a full-throated embrace of Social Media by a large, traditional company, showing leadership not only in Japan, but in the world. ANA's contributions will be dictated socially by the people active in the program, creating engagement with ANA, and collectively letting their voices be heard, with ANA doing the heavy lifting.

Meanwhile, ANA can promote itself through its non-commercial activities. The more people want to get involved in doing good with ANA, the more engagement the airline can have with its customers. Through this engagement, ANA can have a better - and realtime - feedback loop and can improve customer loyalty and communication.

And ultimately who wins? The people whose lives are made better by the Social Entrepreneurs whose charities are supported by ANA and the everyday people who are able to participate through the program.

Find out more about the program on

Special thanks to Ben Palmer, Principle at Rain Interactive, for sharing this story with Akihabaranews. An entrepreneur himself, his company designed and developed the website. He pointed out that ANA, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, decided to work with his small but growing digital media company, instead of a big agency.