Thanko - Stimulate your muscles while working with the wireless EMS mouse - EMS Wireless Muscle Mouse

Thanks to Thanko, now you can develop your muscles secretly in the office without your co-workers noticing!

A computer mouse and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) have been merged cleverly in the  Wireless Muscle Mouse that has just been released by Thanko.

It is a wireless mouse that has EMS built-in. You can use it simply as a regular wireless mouse. But when you want to do some secret exercise, simply connect the mouse and stimulus pad with the accompanying cable, apply the pad on the part of your body that you want to work out, and turn the power on. Since the cable is 148cm long, the pad can reach to any part of your body that you would like to stimulate.

2 pads can be applied to your body at the same time.

You can choose the correct stimulation mode and strength level to meet your body conditions.

- 6 different electronic stimulation modes
- 10 stimulation strength levels
- Automatic power-off function

  • Price: ¥5,980
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista 7,8, Mac OS X 10.5 and later
  • Accessories: 2 big pads (45x74mm), 2 small pads (30x43mm), Cable, English and Japanese manuals

The "Wireless Muscle Mouse" can be ordered here.