King Jim - Earplugs to cut 90% of the buzz around you but let you hear necessary sounds

King Jim is going to release a pair of digital noise canceling earplugs on March 7.

The digital earplugs are able to shut out ambient noise, however they don't shut out all the sounds around you. It lets you hear important sounds like a public announcement, incoming call, and somebody's voice talking to you.

For example, when you want to shut out noise and read a book while waiting your turn at the hospital, do you become anxious using regular earplugs or headphones wondering if you will hear your name being called? In this kind of situation, the digital earplugs can be very useful in your life.

King Jim's noise canceling technology cuts 90% of sounds less than 300Hz which includes noise in the train, air-conditioning sounds, etc.

It runs for about 100 hours with a size AAA battery.

  • Price: ¥5,229
  • Size: W64xH14xD64mm
  • Weight: 33g

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