Fujitsu - New PC brand "GRANNOTE" targets the over 60-year-old crowd

Fujitsu just introduced a new PC series specially targeting over 60-year-old people, called GRANNOTE. The first product in the series, Windows 8.1 LIFEBOOK AH90/P will be released on February 13.

Fujitsu applied their Human Centric Engine, which is already being used in their smartphones, to PCs for the first time. Human Centric Engine is their own technology that helps make operations through technology easy for users and adapts to users and their usage environments.

To allow users to view the display and listen to sounds comfortably, LIFEBOOK AH90/P features automatic brightness adjustment, "Awaseru View" that adjusts the display's color to a color that is easy to identify and varies by age, and "Awaseru Voice" which accentuates high-tone sound ranges, depending on the age of the user.

Also, as an exclusive service for GRANNOTE users, Fujitsu will provide a special service called "GRANNOTE Service Pack" that provides special online shopping user privileges at stores affiliated with Fujitsu and provides free support by phone.

LIFEBOOK AH90/P has a Core i7 4500U CPU, 15.6-inch touch panel LCD display (1920x1080 dots), 8GB memory, 1TB HDD, blu-ray disk drive, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Estimated Price: ¥220,000
Size: W377.1 x H31 x D263.7mm
Weight: 2.8kg