What Unlocks a Woman's Heart and Her uh… Bra? (VIDEO)

Akihabaranews.com - Ravijour True Love Tester Bra

Technology continues to break new ground. Last week in Japan, the latest development in Smart Clothing was unveiled, this time in the area of love - helping women understand their bodies, and helping men understand women's hearts.

There are many strategies employed by men around the world to unlock a woman's heart, which, as many of us know, is a good way to unhook her bra…

But just what is the right formula? What does it take to get the job done, and how do you know when it is all systems go…?

Now, Japanese lingerie maker, Ravijour, has combined technology and lace to take away some of the guess work. As part of their 10th Anniversary MOOD UP CAMPAIGN, they are releasing the True Love Tester.

This bit of Wearable Tech (smart bra?) measures a woman's vital signs to determine when she is feeling excitement and arousal, and automatically unhooks when the right level is attained.

A built-in sensor measures a woman's heart rate signal and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth for analysis. As a woman's excitement builds - driven by the correct outside stimuli - the app then calculates the True Love Rate based on changes in heart rate.

Once a woman's excitement hits the sweet spot, the bra springs open, and rewards can be collected.

In the video below, leading experts explain the physiological processes at work inside a woman's body as her excitement increases, and explain exactly how the True Love Tester reads these signals and reacts to them.

A Human Sexuality Specialist interviewed in the video succinctly summed up the role of this undergarment when she said, "Until now, the bra was a piece of clothing to remove, but now it is an instrument to test for true love."