JAL introduces in-flight Wi-Fi service for domestic flights beginning in July

JAL (Japan Airlines) just announced that they will start in-flight Wi-Fi service for their domestic flights, beginning in July. Passengers can choose a 30 minute plan for 400 yen or a plan with fees between 500 yen and 1,200 yen per flight (depending on the flight distance). The specific flight routes and implementation dates for the service have not been announced yet.

Do you think that 400 yen for 30 minutes is too much?

Some of JAL's international flights have already had Wi-Fi service ($11.95/hour or $21.95/24 hours) using a satellite Internet service offered by the American company, Gogo. However, this will be the first time to introduce Wi-Fi service on their domestic flights.

Their rival airline, ANA, hasn't introduced Wi-Fi service yet.