Takara Tomy - Lifelike Robotic Fish - Robo Carp & Goldfish swim in your aquarium or bathtub


Takara Tomy will release new versions of its lifelike robotic Robo Fish, to be out for ¥1,429 each in late March. The new models are "Japanese" fish - carp models in orange or red colors, and goldfish models in orange or red colors.

Please click here to read our article about the first release of Robo Fish: Takara Tomy releases water activated Robot Fish

Once you put Robo Fish in the water, immediately they will start swimming like real fish. For those who are not good at taking care of live creatures but dream about getting their own small aquarium, it would be nice to get a bunch of Robo Fish and let them swim in a fish tank as the following video shows.




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