Frodo, Peter Rabbit, and Toyota. In Portland. Huh. (VIDEO)

Frodo, Peter Rabbit, Toyota NOAH -

Toyota Domestic Marketing Meeting: 

“Okay, so here’s what we’ve got: Peter Rabbit is strolling around the South Park blocks near the campus of Portland State University in downtown Portland, Oregon. He’s sort of hiding behind the bushes, being coy - you know, as rabbits do.”

“Why Peter Rabbit?”

“Shhhhh. I’m on a roll here. Then, a Toyota minivan, the new NOAH, begins a casual flirtation with Peter - in fact, it appears to be looking for him.”

“Hey uhhh, can you buy the NOAH in America?”

“Dude, seriously - zip it. Then, get this: the minivan stops in the middle of the street, and Frodo gets out, dressed to match in unnaturally muted, beigey grey-browns, and finds Peter Rabbit sorta nervously waiting for him behind some bushes. Got it?” 

“Okay, so what you’re saying is: Frodo, I mean Elijah Wood, is driving through Portland, Oregon, in a minivan you can’t buy in the U.S., looking to meet a cute little bunny behind some bushes in a park?”

“Yeah, because innocent, foreign yet non-threatening, blue-eyed manboy + cute bunny = go buy Toyota.

“Wow. You know, it's such a shame that we're working in oppressively top-down corporate Confucianism where the innovative joy of youth is wack-a-moled into submission, because you deserve a promotion and a raise for this.”

End Scene.
Begin shrug.

• • •

Images: Toyota; AkihabaraNews