UPDATE: New Video: Epson - Smart glasses "MOVERIO BT-200" (VIDEO)

Not Augment Reality (AR), Just Head-Mounted Displays
is going to release Android 4.0 glasses-shaped device MOVERIO BT-200 for about ¥70,000 on April 24.

The same model with HDMI adapter will be available for about ¥80,000.

MOVERIO BT-200 consists of a headset and a controller. By putting the headset on like you put on glasses, a large monitor will appear in front of you so you can enjoy motion images anywhere, anytime (40-inch monitor in 2.5m distance; 320-inch in 20m distance).

Since it supports "See-through display", you can watch the view over the glasses through the large monitor. The controller has 8GB memory and microSD memory card slot built-in.

The new MOVERIO BT-200 has a renewed design and became much lighter than the previous model. Also, it now supports Miracast and Bluetooth functionality, allowing for connection to external devices. With the HDMI adapter-equipped model, you can connect a recorder and the adapter with an HDMI cable, and then get recorded programs transferred wirelessly from the adapter to be viewed using the MOVERIO BT-200.

  • Headset Size: 185mm x 170mm x 32mm, 88g
  • Controller Size: 55mm x 120mm x 19mm, 124g
  • Camera: 0.3 million pixels
  • LCD panel: 0.42 inch (16:9), 960 x 540
  • Motion image format: MP4 (MPEG4+AAC/Dolby Digital Plus), MPEG2 (H.264+AAC/Dolby Digital Plus)
  • Still image format: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Sound formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, Dolby Digital Plus

See-Through Display:


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Epson originally set the release date of its Android 4.0 glasses-shaped head mounted display MOVERIO BT-200 for April 24, however, today they announced that they are going to postpone the date to May 29 due to development delays.

A primary feature of MOVERIO BT-200 is that you can see background while you watch the image displayed in front of you.


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