au by KDDI - Sharp's super narrow frame AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini & AQUOS PAD

At au by KDDI's 2014 Spring rollout, it was unveiled that Sharp's new smartphone AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini and tablet AQUOS PAD will be out from au by KDDI in late February.

The best feature of these 2 products is their super narrow frame design that is called "EDGEST". To make a frame as narrow as possible, for AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini, Sharp placed the phone speaker at the back of the LCD (it's usually located in the upper part of smartphones) and designed for sounds to be sent to the front through a duct. Also, they moved the sub-camera to the bottom of the unit.

AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini(Smartphone)

Since it features a 4.5-inch power-saving full HD IGZO display (1920x1080dots, 487ppi), its battery life is 2 days even with its 2,120mAH built-in battery.

It also has a 13.1MP main camera with f1.9 lens and 1.2MP sub-camera, so it allows you to take clear, beautiful photos in dark places with little noise.

Release date: late February
Color: pink, blue, yellow-green, white
Size: 63x124x9.9mm
Weight: 115g
OS: Android 4.2
Memory: 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
External memory: microSDXC
Battery capacity: 2,120mAh
Compatible with: mobile wallet, NFC, One-seg, infrared communication, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, tethering, waterproof

AQUOS PAD (Tablet)

It's a 7-inch Android tablet with EDGEST design (Display occupation rate: over 80%). It features WUXGA (1920x1200dots, 323ppi), an IGZO display and 13.1 MP camera with f1.9 lens.

It has a "Passtock" function, which makes it easy to share data between Sharp's smartphone and tablet. By pairing up the smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct connection in advance, you can share photos, movies, maps, web pages, etc. automatically between the 2 devices.

You can watch both Full-seg and One-seg with a built-in antenna.

Release date: late February
Color: white
Size: 104x173x9.9mm
Weight: 263g
OS: Android 4.2
Memory: 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
External memory: microSDXC
Battery capacity: 4,080mAh
Compatible with: NFC, One-seg, Full-seg, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, tethering, waterproof




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SoftBank is going to release the 4.5-inch IGZO display having AQUOS PHONE Xx mini 303SH smartphone, manufactured by Sharp, on February 21.

Sharp unveiled the new - AQUOS Xx 304SH - Android 4.4 smartphone with 5.2-inch full HD IGZO panel, and it is due to be released by SoftBank in late May.

Also, they announced that the name of their smartphone brand will be changed from the current "AQUOS PHONE" to the new "AQUOS".

SoftBank has just announced that they are going to release new Android 4.4 smartphone AQUOS Xx 304SH, manufactured by Sharp, on May 23.

We saw the Aquos smartphone that is part of docomo's summer lineup last week.

At au's 2014 Spring rollout in Shibuya, Tokyo on January 22, we witnessed that au by KDDI started caring much more about "Phablets" (smartphones that are within the 5-inch to 7-inch display "phablet" size zone).


Hamee (online store for smartphone accessories) released a faucet-shaped adapter for charging iPhone and smartphones called iTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter.

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From Thanko's "Gorone" (means lay down/bunk down) series, a new tablet and smartphone stand to support your smart device for you to use while you lay down was just released.

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NTT docomo Summer 2014 Rollout -

Pictured Here:
Actor Tori Matsuzaka; Actress Maki Horikita; Actor, Last Samurai, and Godzilla Hunter Ken Watanabe; Actress Satomi Ishihara