JT Tech Show Featuring AkihabaraNews (PODCAST)

JT Tech Show Featuring AkihabaraNews.com

The JT Tech Show with Reno J. Tibke, Presented by Japan Today
Covering Japan and Asia tech, the cool and the cultural, Japan Today presents AkihabaraNews Editor Reno J. Tibke's quick & informative overview of the week's top news, industry trends, and guest interviews with tech insiders. The JT Tech Show might be the best weekly Japan tech podcast in all the universe. 

Summary Via Japan Today:

"On this week’s JT Tech Show, AkihabaraNews editor Reno Tibke discusses webcasting sumo (article) and automatic, single-serving miso soup (old Japanese culture and food hitting speed bumps on the path to becoming new again). He’ll give us a recap of the world’s largest custom car show, the Tokyo Auto Salon (article), and take up the issue of Japan exporting its nuclear energy technology (article). Reno also looks at the recent poor sales results for Nintendo. (article)"

The show is recorded at Joint One Studios under the watchful of eye of superstar engineer Joey Slick. New shows post weekly; automate by subscribing via iTunes or following on SoundCloud. We love your feedback, so do comment, suggest, or question us here, at Japan Today, or on the Aki or JT Facebook page.

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