au by KDDI - 2014 Spring rollout - 4 new smartphones & 1 tablet

Today, AkihabaraNews joined au by KDDI's 2014 Spring product rollout event that took place in Bellesalle Shibuya-ku Garden in Shibuya, Tokyo.

At 10 A.M., the CEO of au by KDDI, Takashi Tanaka started his presentation by explaining what has and what will differentiate au by KDDI from the other major Japanese carriers during an era when all the 3 major carriers sell iPhones as well as other leading smartphones.

Differentiating point #1: the area coverage of au's LTE 800 MHz frequency band. According to Tanaka, their LTE 800 MHz frequency band covers 99% of the Japanese population, and it can be used in all universities in Japan.

Differentiating point #2:  their unique smartphone line-up giving customers many options to suit their needs. They announced that they are going to release 4 new smartphones and a new tablet. In particular, they are very upbeat about the two "phablets", in their line-up (smartphones that are both in the 5-inch to 7-inch display "phablet" size zone). They said that they have been witnessing increased movement of customers to smartphones with a larger screen.

Here are the 5 new products:

- G Flex by LG (Phablet)
- Xperia Z Ultra by Sony (Phablet)
- AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini by Sharp
- URBANO by Kyocera

- AQUOS PAD by Sharp

The CEO welcomed popular actors from au's commercials as guests, Sho Aikawa, Ayame Goriki, and Sota Fukushi, and they talked about these new products.

So, after the new products were revealed, more guests came out on stage: girls comedian group Morisanchu as well as idol group Morning Musume ("Mo-musu" for short) who will be featured in new TV commercials starting on January. In the TV commercials, both groups will team up under the combined group name "Mori-Musu (モリ娘)" to promote au's student discount campaign.

AkihabaraNews will post the details about these products later.