ARES - Android 4.0 smartwatch enables you to call, email and use apps

ARES Inc., Japanese sports GPS device production company, is going to release watch-style Android device ARES EC309 for 29,800 yen in the beginning of February. It allows you to do data communication and make a phone call via a 3G (WCDMA) connection with a micro SIM.

Unlike a regular watch style device that works well by connecting with a smartphone via Bluetooth, ARES EC309 enables you to connect internet, send emails, download applications bought from Google Play directly.

The OS is Android 4.0. It features a 1.2GHz dual core CPU, 512MB memory, 4GB flash memory, a touch screen (240x240 dots), 2 million pixels camera, GPS, G sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth4.0, waterproof performance, and FM radio.

Estimated Price: ¥29,800
Color: White, Black
Size: (L)42.0x(W)47.5x(D)13.0mm
Weight: 76g
Accessories: USB AC adapter, Micro USB cable, earphones, Mini SIM card injecter pin



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