LG - Sound Plate - 3.5mm slim 4.1ch speaker system

LG is going to release the 3.5mm slim 4.1ch speaker Sound Plate LAP340 for about ¥40,000 on January 30 in Japan. You use it by placing it under your TV.

Sound Plate LAP340 makes the TV sound richer and stronger with 6 units of speakers built-in. Since it features a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you can play music from a smart device with Sound Plate LAP340. If you use a TV compatible with LG Sound Sync, the TV's remote control can be used to turn on/off and adjust the volume of sound through Sound Plate LAP340.

55-inch TVs or smaller are recommended for Sound Plate LAP340.

Size: 700x38.5x320mm
Weight: 3.8kg