Google's New Domain Extension - .みんな - Something for Everybody! .みんな new gTLD domain

Google has released .みんな - a new domain extension for Japanese who want to carve out their own, new space on the Internet.

.みんな (.minna) literally means "everybody" in Japanese, and is being positioned by Google as an alternate online address space for Japanese.

In the video below, welcome to .minna village! A place with possibility for clubs or groups of people in Japan with common interests… Just one of many "online villages" coming in the future, according to Google, for people to gather with similar interests and ideas.

What are they talking about?

Do you have a business? A website? A blog? What is your online address?

Until now, the domain name used for your website or your email address has been limited to one of a handful of "generic" domain (.com, .net) extensions or "country-code" (.jp, .fr, etc.) extensions.

However, over the past 8 or 9 years, a program has been underway to open up the potential domain name options, making virtually any domain extension available for registration.

Your city wants its own domain extension? How about .nyc?

Your company wants its own domain extension? How about .airbus?

You want one for the business you're in - .accountant?

For your interests - .singles anyone?

In fact, it was reported that close to 2,000 applications for new domain extensions were submitted to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which oversees the global Internet addressing system.

The launch process started in October 2013 with several domain extensions now launching every week, some with "GoLive" dates as early as next month.

Google and .みんな

Seemingly a leader in almost all spaces around the world, it should surprise no one that Google is one of the leading applicants for new domain extensions, reportedly applying for some 90 different domains, such as .youtube, .gmail, .book, .free, etc.

And Google is now beginning to actively develop this new area of the Internet.  With Vint Cerf, ICANN legend and one of the "fathers of the Internet" serving as VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google has had a close look at the potential for new domain name extensions for the future of Internet addressing.

Now, just type in your .みんな domain name totally in Japanese script and go to your Website and your very own "online village"… - Google - .みんな new gTLD

Registering .みんな

.みんな and other domain extensions are available at leading domain name registration companies such as DN Pilot.


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