Citrusy "Fruits Fish" started promotion overseas Fruits Fish

Do you know what "Fruits Fish" is?

Fruits Fish is a farmed fish grown using feed that has citrus fruit in it, which reduces the fishy smell and adds refreshing citrusy flavor.

It was researched and developed around western Japan, originally intended to encourage the young Japanese generation to eat more fish and also to make use of their signature agricultural citrus fruit such as Mikan, Sudachi and Yuzu.

Its recognition has been growing in Japan recently, so on January 16 in Singapore, the Japanese prefecture of Ehime, one of the most active citrus and Fruits Fish farming prefectures, introduced their "Mikan Buri " (mandarin orange yellowtail) and "Mikan Tai " (mandarine orange snapper), etc. These fish were served as sashimi and in salads for 50 Singaporean business people so that they could taste it. And they liked it!

In Southeast Asian countries, the more popular Japanese food and ingredients have become, the more stiff the competition of these products. So this could be helpful for brand recognition and to attract consumers.

Photo: Yahoo Japan News