Tokyo Street Shots: A Living Gallery

Tokyo Street Shots -

Tokyo Street Shots

AkihabaraNews readers come for Japan & Asia tech news, the cool and cultural that only a boots-on-the-ground team can deliver. Staff and contributors also provide perspective on everyday life: meeting the people, eating the food, taking the train, using the tech, and walking the streets of this pulsating seethe of technology and social structure that, with approximately 36 million metro area inhabitants, is far and away the world’s largest city. Ever. We decided to start sharing a little more of that.

Living Gallery
We’ve tasked a team of photographers with delivering 10 high-res shots/week of public Tokyo life. Some will scream and grab the eye, some will be subtle and nuanced, even mundane. We also welcome submissions from readers: email your high-res shots, past or present, to info@. Include your name and we’ll give you a shout out in the post.

Tokyo Street Shots will be posted in mid-res here at the site, and high-res on Flickr. In this our inaugural installment, all photos were taken by contributor Nayalan Moodley, AKA DarcNoodlesLeave a comment. Make a request. Enjoy.

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