Sony - Wireless speaker "SRS-X9" able to play 192kHz/24bit high-resolution audio files

Sony is going to release the SRS-X9 wireless speaker, compatible with 192kHz/24bit high-resolution audio files, on March 8.

It features Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, AirPlay and DLNA, and high-resolution audio playback capability is supported through DLNA network or USB connection. In a Wi-Fi environment, SRS-X9 allows you to enjoy online music services including Sony's music stream service "Music Unlimited", Tuneln Radio and radio without a PC. 8 full digital amplifiers, called S-master HX, which reduce noise and distortion, 4 19mm tweeters, 2 mid-range units, and 2 sub-woofers are built-in. It is capable of up-scaling non-high-resolution audio files.

Glass material is used for the upper part of the device where it has the NFC sensor and proximity sensor. By putting your hand close to the upper part, the control panel will appear.

Estimated price: About ¥60,000
Size: 430mm×133mm×125mm
Weight: 4600g










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