Sharp - BIG PAD - 70v/60v type touch display as a great tool for business meetings

Sharp just announced that they are going to release a 70v and 60v type touch display called BIG PAD. 70v type models (PN-L703A, PN-L703B) will be out on March 10 and 60v type models (PN-L603A, PN-L603B) will out on April 10.

A maximum 4 people can write on the display simultaneously, and the A series (PN-L703A, PN-L603A) has the "Whiteboard" functionality that allows you to write on the display with a pen right away after being powered on.

With BIG PAD, you can display meeting materials on the screen and write down notes in the materials, make them bigger or smaller with your fingers and convert hand written characters into digital formats. Also, by connecting BIG PAD and other multiple PCs or smart devices, you can share the display and write down on it bi-directionally.

Although only a stylus pen comes with BIG PAD, you can buy more separately. If multiple pens are used at the same time, you can change the color of each pen. The stylus pen accompanying the A series has a page back and forward button. Floor stand is optional and sold separately.



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