Ustream - Live Grand Sumo Tournament for fans all over the world

Grand Sumo Tournament 2014 January is currently taking place at Ryougoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo. It started on January 12 and will end on January 26. Ustream will broadcast all of the Sumo matches in this tournament to the whole world.

You can buy a daily ticket for USD10 or a ticket for all the days of the tournament for USD120. A daily ticket for only the final day costs USD15, however, this includes the awards ceremony. The live/recorded tournament will be available for viewing online until March 8.

If you don't have much knowledge about Sumo, go to the official Ustream page for the Grand Sumo Tournament. They provide a PDF file about Sumo details in English!

Photo by Mainichi Shinbun


Related Articles - Casio STB-1000 Bluetooth Fitness Apps Sports Watch

Casio America has announced the release of a new sports watch that utilizes Bluetooth v4.0 and enables wearers to access personal fitness data from mobile apps, operate a music player on a smartphone, etc.

Casio will display the watch at CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, January 7-10.

For tennis players, Sony is going to release Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1), which is capable of analyzing your tennis shots instantly, in late May.

The detailed data of your tennis shots will be displayed on your smartphone or tablet screen. To do that, install the dedicated free application in your smartphone or tablet and connect it to Smart Tennis Sensor via a Bluetooth connection.

Solar digital watch, Alpinist, will be released from Seiko's sports watch series called "Seiko Prospects" on March 8. Alpinist was created under the supervision of alpinist, Mr. Gota Miura.

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Mt. Fuji Half-Marathon Shots -

Amazing Place to Be a Runner
An AkihabaraNews editor (definitely not Reno) recently participated in the Fuji Susono Half Marathon, held in Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture, southwest of the Tokyo Metro Area - about 70 miles (112 km) from Shinjuku Station (MAP).

Licca-chan supports Team Japan, too!

Takara Tomy is going to release Licca-chan in the Japan National Soccer Team uniform on June 12 in a limited edition, with only 8,000 units available.

This Licca-chan wears the national team's uniform with the number "12", which is considered to be the supporter/fan's jersey number, fashionable white lacy skirt and sneakers.

Ichiro achieved 4,000th hits in his professional baseball career


Congratulations, Ichiro!

On August 21, world-class Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees, achieved a historic milestone - a total of 4,000 hits in his professional career in Japan and U.S. combined. He hit into the left field for a base hit during the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

He became the first professional Japanese baseball player in history to have achieved 4,000 hits, and in Major league, he is the 3rd person who recorded it after Pete Rose and Ty Cobb.


JVC Kenwood is going to release new waterproof canal-type sports earphone models, HA-ETR40 and HA-ETX30, in early September.

HA-ETR40 has a remote control for a smartphone (about 3,200 yen) while HA-ETX30 does not have a remote control (about 2,300 yen).