How to Dispose of Electronics, Large Household Items, and Giant Stuffed Gorillas (VIDEO)

Large Item Disposal -

Living in Japan, what does One do with that Old Fridge, A/C Unit, Washing Machine, Moped?
Foreign residents in Japan find these to pretty odd, but the slow-driving, obnoxiously loud mini-truck scavengers do serve a purpose. Japan is already a small country (hence the excitement over new islands), but when you also consider the fact that rough, steep, unstable terrain renders 70% of the archipelago's land area is uninhabitable, it makes sense that publicly accessible landfills and scrapyards aren't very common.

Moreover, it's not acceptable - nor possible in most cases - to toss large items and electronics out with the regular trash, so little trucks like this trolling through a Tokyo neighborhood (or anywhere nationwide, really) are exactly what's needed to ditch that old cassette player or broken down rice cooker or... basically anything. Sometimes there's a fee, sometimes not - depends on the collector and what they're collecting.

What else will they take? Have a watch, and turn on the closed-captioning!