Sony introduced their new wearable technology "Core"

Sony Mobile Communications unveiled their new vision for wearable technology called SmartWear Experience, and as a part of the related service, they introduced a life activities logging application called Lifelog, a small device called Core that enables data collection for application use, and a waterproof wristband style device called SmartBand SWR10. They are displaying these at 2014 International CES, the world's largest consumer electronics and technology trade show (January 7-10 in Las Vegas).

Core is the smallest information device in Sony's history. Core specs:
- Vibration function
- Side key
- LED light for notification
- Waterproof
- USB micro connector
- NFC function
- Bluetooth

By connecting Core with a smartphone running the Lifelog application, you can log your daily actions. It records your travel time and distance, number of steps, number of calories burned, GPS information, time stamp for photos taken, played music, etc. It's very much like a detailed digital journal. When and where did you take a photo, or what kind of media did you enjoy last week? -

It might seem like meaningless information, but in aggregate it might reveal some interesting, surprising, even troubling patterns in one's day-to-day routine (more exercise?!).