Koichi Wakata in Space: JAXA Astronaut Winning at Twitter: @Astro_Wakata

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In Space, Everyone Can Hear You (Tweet)
And people will follow & read - particularly if you're as cool as veteran Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)International Space Station (ISS), and Space Shuttle astronaut Koichi Wakata. Astronaut Wakata's Tweets are also about 60-70% English, which, considering that Japanese speakers make up less than 2% of humanity, is very nice.

Astronaut Wakata's photos are consistently great, he does calligraphiy in space, performs LED disco lightshows (see above and below), and, beginning in March of 2014, will become Japan's first ISS commander and only the 3rd non-American to lead an ISS mission team. 

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Another first for Wakata or any astronaut is the research he's doing with Kirobo, the first space-based, micro-gravity mobile, autonomously interactive humanoid robot (sorry Robonaut, you're cool, but you're a supertech R/C robot, you don't speak, and you're legless & bolted to the "floor"). Kirobo has a full range of mobility, some flashy lights, clever gestures, and speech recognition with as-nataural-as-possible autonomous response capability.

The world's first robot astronaut KIROBO talks in space

Have a look below at Astronaut Wakata's latest space photos, and if you dig on spacetech and learning about Japan's contribution to the International Space Station and space science & exploration in general, stay updated:

Photos: JAXA; Koichi Wakata

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