MotorNerd Reminder: Dakar Rally Manga, by Team Honda [GALLERY]

Honda Made a Manga -

CarTech Fans, the Dakar Rally is On!
Bikes, trucks, cars (kinda), huge earthcrawlers full of supplies and stuff: off they've gone in this the 6th consecutive South American appearance for the 14-day, 5000 mile (8000km) endurance race.

The world’s most famous and controversial off-road sporting event is necessarily populated by the world’s most highly skilled and naturally insane drivers and riders, but of course the crazies behind the wheel/handlebars don't do it all on their own. Backing them up are sponsors, support crew, teams of mechanics, genius automotive engineers, and your general go-fers. One of those teams is from Honda - they're excited and motivated, and they want us to know it.

If you missed AkihabaraNews contributor Nayalan Moodley’s initial coverage of the event, Honda’s involvement, and Chapter 1 of the manga they’re serializing to promote Team Honda Racing Corporation's enthusiastic efforts, jump through:

Honda's Manga: 'The Road to Dakar'

“In truth, I expected it to be fodder for Honda fanboys, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it rather appealing. While I don’t think I’ll be watching extensive Dakar Rally footage, nor will I swap my Nissan Silvia S14 for a Honda S2000, I’m genuinely looking forward to Chapter 2.”

To get straight to reading, hit the gallery below, and to get all the Dakar Rally you could ever want, click on those words you just read.

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