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We've got ginormous plans for 2014, and Facebook is a great way to stay hip to what we're dong here in Tokyo. Naturally, all published content is pushed to the AkihabaraNews Facebook page, but our current editors - with a few more to join up in 2014 - also post live event updates and interesting, weird, and/or crazy stories, images, and videos in real time as they unfold here in Tokyo.

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Our fans get ground-level access to the CEATEC consumer electronics show, the iREX robotics expo, Maker FaireTokyo Motor Show, startup competitions like Venture Day Tokyo, and exclusive coverage of GM unveiling the 2014 Corvette Stingray for Japanese distribution - just some of the events that we report live on our Facebook page - so like, you know, Like!

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Sometimes geeky, occasionally profound, and sometimes just dorking out on Japanese Cherry Coke - we think you'll Like it. Oh, and 日本人だったら, ou si vous préférez lire en français, checkout our upstart Japanese and French language pages.