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One of the greatest things about living here in Tokyo is witnessing both the amazing and mundane parts of life in the largest city in our species' history, and one of the greatest things about being alive right now is the ability to share it with the whole world - in a matter of seconds! 

AkihabaraNews' YouTube channel regularly serves up new, original tech videos from here in Tokyo and all over Japan. We also share favorites from our partners at DigInfo News and friends like DarcNoodles. This is the stuff you can't get anywhwere else - whether we're press at an official event or pulling out our smartphones to catch something on the fly, there's an endless stream of awesome here in Tokyo: come watch with us!

For those already connected, stay tuned for some amazing new content in 2014, for those not yet, subscribe now and join nearly 1200 viewers getting the inside view on Japan & Asia tech, the cool and the cultural!

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