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Sure, the images we post on Facebook are good for late-breaking, catch as catch can J-tech coolness, but nothing beats the the high-res presentation of a well assembled Flickr gallery. And we're not getting kickbacks to say so, but come on - a terabyte of free storage? Uhhhh, yes please.

Our Flickr presence reaches all the way back to 2008 and includes 3000+ high-res photos of Japanese tech, culture, landscape, and more. Jump into our Photostream here, or find a specific topic and see among our 140+ Sets.

We shoot with everything from a Nikon D90 with a big beefy lens to the Sony Cyber-Shot RX-100 to, well yes, sometimes - even with an iPhone 4S or 5S (yeah, those last two struggle to qualify as high-res, but they occasionally have to get the job done!).

Click through the gallery thumbs below for a look at recent sets:

SCHAFT Robotics (coverage):

[REVIEW] Synology DiskStation Thingy (coverage):

Corvette Stingray C7 Comes to Japan (coverage):

Venture Day Tokyo (coverage):

Favorite of the Tokyo Motor Show: Renault DeZir (coverage):