Michael Scofield’s Prison Break Temporary Tattoos Show Up in Japan【TOP 13 of '13】

TOP 13 of 2013: Prison Break Tatoos - AkihabaraNews.com

【Published November 22, 2010 - Top 13 of '13
【Somehow it blew up in 2013. Go figure!】

Century Japan has announced that it will start carrying temporary transfers of Michael Scofield’s Prison Break tattoo from season 1, as well as their transparent tattoo t-shirt, in Japan. Prison Break enjoys quite a surprising amount of popularity here, placed in the same regard as shows like 24 and Lost; this is also the country well-known for its otaku geek/nerd/dorks who regularly dress up as their favorite television characters whenever they could find an excuse. This combination seems perfect for explosive sales of the temporary tattoos and t-shirts – pity it’s a bit too late for Halloween.

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