Deff – Wooden protective covering for Sony Xperia – Japanese wood craftsmanship for your smartphone【TOP 13 of '13】

TOP 13 of 2013: Deff Sony Xperia Cases -

【Published February 15, 2013 - Top 13 of '13

Japanese precision craftsmanship is not reserved for electronics and machinery. In fact, traditional Japanese precision developed in other areas such as wood and metalworking.

Now, a bit of the old can be applied to the new.

Deff Corporation is releasing new protective “wooden plates” for Sony Xperia Z So-02 smartphones. Domestically grown and crafted, wooden coverings that have been carefully cut and detailed will be released soon.

The thin wooden strips each have unique real wood grain, making each cover truly a one-of-a-kind. The company says that glue is not used so it will not damage your phone.

Also, the material is antibacterial and not easily damaged, so you can use the plates for a long time.

Users can choose between 3 types of wood – ebony wood, quince and paulownia. All sell for 3,480 yen each.


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