Pizza Little Party - 1.2kg Mega Burger Pizza from Kyoto【TOP 13 of '13】

Pizza Little Party Giant Burger Thingy -

【Published August 23, 2013 - Top 13 of '13

Kyoto is a place where people should experience the delicate beauty of Japan, but after hearing this news, we hope that Kyoto will not forget the Japanese spirit of modesty and aesthetic sense...

Pizza Little Party, a home-delivered pizza chain in Kyoto, is going to start selling the massive burger-like pizza called "Mega Burger Pizza" on September 1.

A 400g patty, onion, pickles, and meat sauce, etc. are sandwiched between two 27cm diameter cheesy pizza crusts as buns. It's 2,580 yen and will be sold only for 3 months. [Editors' Note: BRING IT BACK!]


Photo by SankeiBiz