Tokyo's Guitar Heaven (VIDEO)

Tokyo Guitar Heaven: Ochanomizu -

Ochanomizu: the Akihabara of Music
We recently met and have taken a great interest in the refined yet still very real work of Tokyo-based YouTuber DarcNoodles. In particular, we’ve really enjoyed the South African transplant’s Japan How It Is series. His latest installment wades around in the multi-story guitar shops of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu district - the Akihabara of music, as he says.

Given that the holidays are still upon us, we all could use a bit more coverage of the lighter, more entertaining areas of Japan and Asia tech, so today we invite you to sit back and enjoy a bit of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu Guitar Heaven.

Though it goes without saying, we also recommend tossing DarcNoodles a Thumbs Up and a Subscribe, too.

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