Robotic hand changer enabling high-precision docking through dual surface resting - Diginfo - Kosmek robotic hand changer

KOSMEK has developed a robotic hand changer that can switch between robot tools automatically - and with high precision. 

"Our aim is to enable a single robot to be used for many purposes. With this hand changer, one robot can handle a whole series of tasks, from processing to assembly or inspection."

"Our tool changer has three main features: high precision, high rigidity, and long life. For docking, we've incorporated a technology called dual contact surface resting. This has a structure called a movable taper sleeve, which enables docking with very high precision, reducing clearance to zero."

Eliminating clearance between the master cylinder and tool adapter has made it possible to reduce the backlash and tip deviation that occur with ordinary changers, resulting in more accurate work.

"Nowadays, automation is progressing rapidly worldwide. We've designed this product in accordance with feedback from a certain customer. So, we'd like people to know more about our company, KOSMEK and our products offered."

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