Aki Hoshide's Space Selfie is the Coolest Selfie

Aki Hoshide Space Selfie - AkihabaraNews.com

The Justifiable Selfie
Last month, the Oxford Dictionary people, with great aplomb and self-granted authority of a questionable nature, declared "selfie" the word of 2013. Now, you might think that's pretty lame - and you'd be right to think so - but as 2013 winds down and we consider the year as a whole, we've come to realize that there is in fact a time and place, specifically:

If your name is Aki Hoshide, you're an Astronaut from Japan, you're in low earth orbit, doing an extra-vehicular spacewalk in the inky black nothingness, truly alone and cut off from the rest of your technology wielding species, and, sadly, your robots are still too dumb to frame a decent shot (get it together, Canadarm!), then, permission to selfie: GRANTED.

Now, just in case, on the chance that someone's grandma has landed at AkihabaraNews by accident: a "selfie" is a self portrait, often taken with a mobile phone and blasted out on social media. While this automated narcissism can be visually grating and embarrassing for both taker and viewer, it also serves as a window into someone's greatest insecurities and perceived flaws (which they're try to hide, which can be of use later if you're mean).  

This Selfie Courtesty of NASA
This photo was actually taken by Astronaut Hoshide-san back in 2012, but only recently made its way around the internets. From NASA:

Earlier this month, space station astronaut Aki Hoshide (Japan) recorded this striking image while helping to augment the capabilities of the Earth-orbiting International Space Station (ISS). Visible in this outworldly assemblage is the Sun, the Earth, two portions of a robotic arm, an astronaut's spacesuit, the deep darkness of space, and the unusual camera taking the picture. This image joins other historic -- and possibly artistic -- self-portraits taken previously in space. The Expedition 32 mission ended yesterday when an attached capsule undocked with the ISS and returned some of the crew to Earth.

Have a look at the rather awesome, full-res Hoshide Space Selfie here. Kinda interesting to zoom way in and inspect the fibers of an EVA spacesuit.

Happy Space Selfie Christmas, everyone!