Tokyo Midtown Christmas Lights: Illumination as Large-Scale Animation!

Christmas Lights & Illumination in Tokyo -

Tokyo Midtown - Roppongi

Forgive, if you will, the on-the-way-home, low-q, but high-res video. This illumination as animation display is one of Tokyo's most original and entertaining, and we had to share.

The Tokyo Midtown shopping center (map with streetview) is minutes from our office, and nightly, upon temporarily escaping the laptop-based internet, we pass by this lovely reminder of the season.

We also totally dig that no small amount of light choreography went into this particular display; there are black holes, shooting stars, pulsating... somethings, and even the trees in the background are wired into this live-action, large scale animation. Well done!

Your Favorites?
There currently are any number of Christmas/Holiday illumination displays around the city: Roppongi Hills, the paths around the Imperial Palace, and smaller, yet very tastefully decorated private venues as well. Tokyo Midtown is one of ours - what are your favorites?


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Tokyo Midtown Illumination Animation: Japan is Good at This (VIDEO) -

Holiday Illumination 2014
Tokyo Midtown - Roppongi

From upscale shopping centers to out of the way local grocery stores and business of all sorts (even a few private homes here and there), Tokyo is currently enjoying a very tasteful veneer of light-based holiday spirit.

In Japan, November 1st seems like the official day that stores get permission to let loose with the Christmas songs and lights.

Starbucks Coffee Japan is no exception. They already announced that they are going to start selling Japan-only Cranberry Bliss White Mocha and Snow Maple Toffy Latte/Frappuccino from November 1st.  

Japanese Christmas Songs -

"Jingle Bells" in Japanese
Here the Japanese is both romanized and translated into English - useful for speakers of either language! 

Christmas in Japan -

"Christmas in Japan," by Paul Anka

Wow. This exists.

Whether it's accurate or not is hard to say, but according to the YouTube:

Yoriko Takahashi - December 10, 2013

Woohoo! My true love can save the partridge and give me 12 free apps for Christmas!

Apple started offering a free app called iTunes 12 Days Present. With the application, you can download free items including iPhone apps, books, movies, and songs through iTunes for 12 days starting December 26.