Thanko - Device to detect your fatigue and reduce the risk of a drowsy driving accident

Thanko's new device Eye-Catch-Pre-Crash-Alarm is able to detect your fatigue while you drive and it prevents you from dozing off at the wheel.

Eye-Catch-Pre-Crash-Alarm analyzes the distance between your top eyelid and bottom eyelid and can see whether your eyes are closed through face-recognition technology and the patented mesh membrane pupil detection technology.

Set the device to face you. Once it detects that you are not paying attention to driving, it starts telling you "Focus on driving!" in loud Japanese. Even when you wear glasses or shades or you are in dark, it will know if you are drowsy or looking away.

Here is how Eye-Catch-Pre-Crash-Alarm works:

Especially for long-distance drivers, lessen the risk of a drowsy driving accident for yourself!

Price: 59,800 yen
Size: 92x30x85mm
Weight: 103g

More images below: