Generate electric power by UDON!? Electric power company will add it to the grid this Month

Udon Energy -

Kagawa prefecture, located on Shikoku (the smallest of the 4 main islands of Japan), is famous for having perhaps the best Udon noodles in Japan. It's the smallest prefecture in Japan, but they have more than 900 Udon restaurants across the prefecture (as compared to only 300 convenience stores in the prefecture).

A lot of udon gets eaten in Kagawa but a lot of excess udon gets generated as well and typically goes to waste.

Now, Chiyoda Seisakusho, the industrial equipment manufacturer located in Takamatsu-city in Kagawa, has started producing bioethanol using this excess of Udon noodles. By using this excess and the dregs of the udon manufacturing process, they can extract bioethanol for practical use.

Last Spring, in order to further utilize the dregs of the udon manufacturing process, they installed an electric generator that maintains the temperature of the dregs at 37 degrees C. At this higher temperature, they can produce methane gas that can be harvested.

At the end of this month, Chiyoda Seisakusho will start selling the electric power they are generating to the Shikoku Electric Power Company. They expect to deal with 3 tons of waste Udon noodles yearly, generating 180,000 kilowatts, and receive 7 million yen in earnings by selling this power.