Thanko - Glasses-style binoculars, with extra lenses for sunglasses

Feel a freedom you've never felt before!

It's useful to have binoculars when you watch sports at a large stadium, but does it bother you a lot that you have to use your hands to hold it up to your eyes? Wouldn't it be perfect if you could cheer with both hands while using your binoculars?

Thanko's new glasses-style binoculars could be just what you need. You might get some attention from people around you… but you'll have no more need to hold them with your hands! You can adjust the zoom with a tiny lever next to the lens and it has a maximum 400X zoom.

Also, what if it's sunny outside, and it's too bright to concentrate on watching the game? Thanko took into consideration this problem and the glasses-style binoculars feature different lenses to create sunglass binoculars.

Not just for watching sports outside, it can be a great item to use when you are reading, sewing, knitting, going to a concert, climbing a mountain and so on.

Price: ¥1,480
Size: 161x153x44mm
Weight: 57g