Full-length trailer for live-action Kiki's Delivery Service is out!

Full-Length Trailer, Finally!
For those who are very much concerned if the live-action version of Kiki's Delivery Service, scheduled to be released in March 2014, might disappoint their expectations, now its full-length trailer is out!

It's official that the live-action movie was made to be faithful to the original book, not Studio Ghibli's animation movie. However, I guess secretly (or obviously) we all hope that the live-action movie will turn out a clone of the Studio Ghibli version because we just have so much love and respect for Studio Ghibli's view of the world.

Here're our previous ariticles about the live-action version of Kiki's Delivery Service:

Kiki’s Delivery Service, that is best known as the anime movie produced by Studio Ghibli, will be made into a live-action movie for spring 2014 - how will Studio Ghibli fans react?

Kiki will deliver meals to you for real!

Now please watch the trailer to see if the new live-action movie is still promising for you!

What do you think? Where is Kiki's best friend Jiji? Is he going to talk?