Fernandes - Full-fledged "Kumamon" electric guitars

Badass Kumamon electric guitars!

A Japanese guitar manufacture, Fernandes, is going to release the Kumamon designed electric guitars on December 20. 2 models (ZO-3 KUMAMON CUSTOM and ZO-3 KUMAMON STD) will be available.

Kumamon is a Yurukyara mascot character born in Kumamoto prefecture, located in the Kyushu region in Japan, and it's one of the currently most popular & money-making Yurukyara mascot charactors. If you want to know more about "Yurukyara", please check our previous article about Yurukyara mascot charactors ↓↓↓

Japanese love for "Yurukyara" mascot characters

ZO-3 KUMAMON CUSTOM is made using maple wood grown in Kumamoto prefecture as a body material. It is a made-to-order item and will be sold for ¥150,000.

ZO-3 KUMAMON STD will be sold for ¥39,800. It comes with a guitar pick made from Japanese zelkova wood.

Main photo by Kumamon Official Site