So, how is the new Japanese island doing now?

It's been eerily rapidly growing...

Japan got a new island 500 meters away from Nishinoshima, an island among the world heritage Ogasawara islands, about 3 weeks ago. It was a tiny baby island in the beginning, but yesterday, on December 9, JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) announced that the new island has been rapidly growing.

AkihabaraNews covered the birth of the island:
Japan Got a New Island (and didn't have to build it)

It has become 3.7 times bigger, and over the last 4 days (from December 1 to December 4), it has grown 1.5 times bigger, as lava flow spread toward the south-southeast on December 1 and then toward the west on December 4. It currently has a land area of fifty-six thousand square meters. It's elevation at its highest point is 30 meters.

↓↓↓ Change in the shape of the new island ↓↓↓

Yellow line - November 21
Light blue line - December 1
Red line - December 4

In the beginning, the new island appeared to be just a few meters worth of ash and it looked very weak against erosion by waves. However, because of its recent lava flow spread, it's now forecasted that it has a high possibility to remain as an island.