Weekend Photo Viewing: Tokyo Motor Show Wrap-Up (GALLERIES)

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Show's Over
You’ve seen our favorite car from the TMS, including our opinion on the show as a whole, we introduced some of the old tech on display (1935 Vintage DATSUN 14 Roadster), some of the new (Daihatsu’s FC Deco Deck), shared GaijinPot’s playful video walkthrough, and presented some of the toys that kids of all sizes could enjoy - but it’s time to close the book on the 2013, 43rd Tokyo Motor Show (all TMS coverage).

Motor Show organizers, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, set this year’s visitor count at 902,800, with a reported satisfaction rating of 90.1 percent. We're not exactly sure how scientific the latter stat is, but we can’t really argue - the show was satisfying. But, we also can’t really deny that we didn’t want for something more; inspiration, a true sense of wonder... stuff like that. Guess you can't please all the autogeeks.

So yeah, the weekend is a fine time to browse pretty car photos, with a few pretty ladies as well. Here's all the high-res in one spot:

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[Problems with Flash? Can't see the galleries below? Go direct to flickr.]

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Images: AkihabaraNews.com