LG optimizes Smart TV platform for seamless multi-device communications

LG will be the first company to incorporate the AllJoyn open source software framework into its Smart TV platform, giving users a new level of interoperability between devices. AllJoyn, developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., is designed to create a common language that seamlessly connects the Internet of Things, regardless of brand or operating system (OS). This new multi-device environment opens up a raft of possibilities for LG Smart TV owners.

The software’s framework enables devices and apps to freely communicate with one another without the barriers that once kept operating systems and products from different companies separate. It will afford LG Smart TV users a previously unimaginable degree of freedom and generate new opportunities for app developers as well.

LG will incorporate AllJoyn to allow multiple devices to communicate with LG Smart TVs simultaneously, creating an expansive cross-OS environment where users can interact in new ways. Several smartphones or tablets, each running a completely different OS, can participate in the same multiplayer game on an LG Smart TV. In Mini Motor Racing, one person could steer his or her car around the track using the LG Magic Remote while the other players control their vehicles via the LG Gamepad app for mobile devices. Looking forward, LG will continue to drive future innovation in consumer services that leverage the communication between devices and LG Smart TV’s.