Tsukiji market's new speciality Uni-Man (sea urchin steamed bun)


Tsukiji market is one of the must-go destinations for tourists. Of course, you probably should eat sushi there because Tsukiji market has awesome sushi, but I have to say that you can eat delicious sushi anywhere else in Tokyo as well.

So, why don't you try something you would never find in your country and eat it at Tsukiji market? Maruichi Hamada Shoten is going to start selling 2 kinds of Uni-man (sea urchin steamed bun):

A regular Uni-man for ¥300 has puffy fish cake mixed with sea urchin paste, fish and yam inside. The upgraded version is called Uni-man Kiwami (meaning "the ultimate" in Japanese) and it is sold for ¥840. Its stuffing is a Japanese style white sauce made with steamed sea urchin, sea urchin paste, soy milk and rice powder. Beautifully decorated pieces of raw sea urchin will stimulate your appetite. You can enjoy the full sea urchin flavor inside and out.