Sony PS4 Sells 2.1 Million Units in 2 Weeks

PS4 Sales -

Sony’s Sold a Boatload of PS4s
There’s not a whole lot we can say about the PS4 hasn’t already been said - except this: Unsurprisingly to most, it’s actually a wildly successful Sony product with an effective, well-received, multinational launch befitting a global electronics firm that operates not just in Japan, but around the world in diverse markets with diverse consumer bases.

2.1 million units of a $400 product - in two weeks. And the PS4 hasn’t even hit the Japanese market yet (February 22, 2014).

We look at those numbers, and we wonder whether or not the rest of Sony should be getting tutorials on “Making and Selling a Technology Product” from the PlayStation division? If not - well, not a bad good place to start. Maybe get those smartphones rolling out the door a bit faster? Maybe stop making 53 versions of the VAIO? And maybe, just maybe, finally execute the PSP?

Remember when you could surprise, remember when your tech could inspire? No, see - that’s actually an imperative; do it, remember when you could surprise, remember when your tech could inspire.


Oh, and also bring back AIBO and QRIO.