Congratulations, Washoku! Japanese food is now officially a World Heritage Cuisine


Nation, We got great news!

At the UNESCO's meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on December 4th , they officially decided to register Washoku, the Japanese traditional cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. We wrote about the registration of it last October and now it's a reality!

Please read through the article and check out the delicious photos here:

"Washoku" (Japanese food) is going to be registered as a World Heritage cuisine!

Washoku fulfills the conditions necessary for being an Intangible Cultural Heritage. It embraces seasonal regional unique ingredients and more importantly, it plays an integral role in Japanese culture. Washoku's recipes, looks, and spirit have been passed on from generation to generation, which deepens the bond between family and society.

Recently, Japanese diets have been becoming more Westernized. It's great for us to have more variety and get to know other food cultures, however, it really is a shame that Japanese people, especially young people, no longer eat as much fish or Washoku as they used to. We should be proud that Washoku has been becoming more popular in the world, yet there are many Washoku-like non-Japanese food outside of Japan.

It's expected that this UNESCO's decision to help pass Washoku culture down to generations for good and giving people around the world a better understanding what Washoku is.



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