NTT docomo - New functionality to stop yourself using a smartphone while walking


NTT docomo announced that they've added a new functionality to their parental control application called Anshin Mode (meaning "relief mode" in Japanese), which is capable of limiting users Android smartphone functionalities. This newly-added functionally is for stopping yourself from using a smartphone while walking. This plan starts on December 5.

Using a smartphone while walking is considered a serious social problem. When you are distracted from your smartphone, you tend to stop paying attention to your surroundings, which can make it possible for you to ram into a person or even worse get hit by a car or train.

The new functionality could be helpful for those who have the problem. When it detects you are using a smartphone while walking, it shows a warning message on the screen and stops showing the page you were looking at. To get back to the page, you have to 1) stop walking, 2) press "close" button on the screen, or 3) hold the power button down for 5 seconds.

It's a free functionality. If you have this problem, why don't you give it a try?