Cyber Monday Japan: Follow the White Rabbit

Cyber Monday Japan with White Rabbit Express -

Cyber-Everything’s the Same...
As our Monday wraps up here in Japan (it was not Cyber, nor was last Friday Black), countless Cyber Monday sales offering countless products are, as you read, lighting up all across the internets.

Realistically, however, we should take a moment to realize that by “all across the internets,” we mean outlets based primarily in North America, and when we say “countless products,” well sure, there are a lot, but pretty much anywhere you click will be the same stuff with the same story.

BUT, there is an alternative, there is another route to consumer happiness:

Follow the White Rabbit, Perhaps?
Our friends at White Rabbit Japan can source and ship almost anything sold here to almost anywhere in the world. State secrets, certain semiconductor components, and live humans - sadly for some - aren’t on the menu, but, initially surprising even to us, a whole lot of the only-gettable-in-Japan stuff is.

So, if you’d like to find something not available on any Cyber Monday special anywhere else on the entire internets, click through. You’ll be surprised, as even we once were, at just how much tech stuff, dorky plush animal costumes, normal clothing, weird J-food, strangely refined housewares, shoes with Japan-only colorways, and other awesome J-stuff the the White Rabbit Express can find.

Whewww, made all the way through without a single “how deep rabbit hole goes” cliche. Success!

And oh yeah, Examples:

Don't judge. Not everybody likes your pajamas, either.

Those ears, the Necomimi, those are faux cat ears that respond to your brainwaves. No, that's not snark. They really do.

Who doesn't love Pocky, fake food, and teeth-whitening, caffeinated, breath freshening BlackBlack?

So, so much more at White Rabbit Japan!