Sanwa Supply - "NFC Tag" - Trigger apps or information for your smartphone


Sanwa Supply is going to release the NFC (near-field communication) tag "MM-NFCT" in early December.

By pre-setting specific tasks in the "NFC tag" with the dedicated application, when you hold your smartphone over the NFC tag, you can control things like the On/Off control of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, the start-up of applications, etc..  It's a relatively small 25mm-wide sticker so it can be placed anywhere.

Here is an example of how the NFC tag "MM-NFCT" can be used: set your smartphone in an in-car holder with the NFC tag attached and then your smartphone instantly starts a map application when placed in the smartphone holder in your car.

You can overwrite a task recorded in the tag as many times as you want. You can also make it a read-only tag.

Price: ¥1,995 (set of 10 tags)