Japanese Tire Dealer Wants to Scare You Into Buying

Autoway Buy Tires Demons - AkihabaraNews.com

Hey, Buy our Tires!
So, you're driving a secluded Japanese road in a blizzard, and you can barely see more than 100 feet/30 meters in front of the car, and then BOOM! A zombie girl is in the road. And then, BOOM AGAIN! She's right in your face!!  ...with these important messages:

"Buy tires. Buy them. From Fukuoka-based Autoway tire pushers. Rawwrrr."

Okay, some of us around here have lived in Fukuoka, and while it's certainly true that the very conservative city has plenty of zombie women, they don't look like the girl from The Ring. They just dress in lots of muted tones, and grays and blacks, and don't really have discernable personalities. Ooops, digressing.

It's Totally Working... Fame or Infame?
Even though it really doesn't snow in Fukuoka and the market for snow tires nationwide isn't all that great, with 430,000+ YouTube views, Autoway's certainly getting their name out. One does wonder if this'll actually scare people toward or away from their business...

Gotta go buy-or-not-buy tires now. THX.